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D(r)avid . The Retta Jadai , The Kudi Magan


– Yay. Boss has gone home. Let me watch a trailer in office.
– Movie named David?! Cool I like David Beckham.
– Aha.The plotline seems to be different. Gangster and all that.Also ZOMG, Look at Isha
sharvani !
– Me to one roommate ‘Okay da, we are watching the movie . But don’t tell Rishi
(Another Roommate’s name changed because of legal issues) , he never gave us the nei-
murukku anyways.


Jiiva vs Vikram.

Who cares about the plot or the logical fallacies if it entertains me up for 3 hours?


Some public political meeting – Jiiva’s introduction is portrayed as a rugged,frustrated ,hurt youth who slithers out the patta-kathi from his pant. And this lady (Malati tai), leader of some hindu group is talking about naatu nadappu. The public seems to very sober. Surprised people attend political meeting without one quarter + one packet briyani combo. So I was made to think Jiiva will be killing her with the dagger. He should have practised Darts with his android mobile. Oh wait, this is 1999.

Marriage setting- Very radiant visuals. Vikram is reading something in a chit of paper like i used to mug CNC programs for CAM Lab, which I later used as a bit and got caught  in univ lab practicals.That’s a different story though. So the bride, *whistles* Isha sharvani comes and stands besides the groom, not vikram apparently. Very interesting hmmm. It’s 2010 and your mind is made to squander in thoughts about what happened in
the 11 years gap, Not.

Intro – Jiiva 1 – 0 Vikram

Special mention –

[ Some 20 mins were over.An old guy in his yellow veshti comes up to me and asks if anybody was going to come,occupy the nearby empty seats. I said no, he sat and i heard him say how the seat was so comfortable. S2 seats? Must be drunk i mokka-joked. There was a serious scene when he ACTUALLY clapped and laughed like crazy. That’s when i found he was sufficiently drunk to make a ‘summa-sandiyar’ level youtube video. Full
Bodhai is the word. The guy reminded me of goundamani from chinna thambi, where he blindly watches a movie in a total out of sync. This drunk genius was literally LOL’ing for every sceneas if he was competing in any guiness record attempt. He should be madan bob’s guruji or something. Fun factor for roommate improved by 2x, Kaduppu factor for me by 4x. ]

One Liners – Having an affinity for poor jokes/ funny liners it was hilarious to some extent. Few did make people go ‘LOL’ and remaining will just pull a ‘heh’. I am surprised how people are not offended by jiiva’s song ‘Naa yesuvin pillai, enakku bayame illai’ He mocks his father, who is also a father, no the church father.. and
also some religious sentiments. Very bad.

On the other hand, Vikram makes some puny jokes of his wrecked wedding, kirukkusanta attempts (sounded like a twitter hand) , and with his dead father hallucination. Actually i liked the bit where his dad’s soul does a koodu-vittu-koodu-paayara technique when he wants to talk with his son. Again, i hardly give a damn about logic. Attractive feature about vikram is that he doesn’t need to talk to make him look funny.

Jiiva 1- 1 Vikram

Character –

Jiiva is a retta jadai guitarist who teaches people, and plays at pubs till he gets the break to go to US on a music. When bands like swedish house mafia,velakaari sofia comes to India jiiva wants to go to US and rock like anything. Seri vidu, ekedo kettu nasaamapogattum. And your honor, when his band mates drink at the pub Jiiva sits seperately and eat mutta podimas. Jiiva’s policy-Kudi pazhakkam naatirkum veetirkum kedu.But cigarette pudikalam.On the contrary, vikram holds a thought about his take on two types of people – ‘One who drinks, one who serves’ . After creating a revolution by mixing beer with idli in the movie saamy, he uses the state-of-the-art drinking technology. It is by mixing liquor + soda directly in his mouth apparatus with a help of a funnnel. Adaadada.

He has a friend named peter, who is as significant as nakula in Mahabharata. Vikram’s role was nothing but to be the best kudimagan thoughout. From listerine bottle shape to Tupperware capacity bottle he is the master of the game. Also he can do ‘maria pitache’ + drink + and do damaal-dumeel ong bak level fights. Cinematography will indeed drop your jaw down. Liquor bottle is vikram’s concept of Foursquare. Where ever
he goes, he’ll check into it. Lucky flo, no character only

Jiiva 1 – 2 Vikram

Emoji, meesic and masala –

Jiiva is a guitarist, so there is no panjam in music category. He teaches Lara dutta aunty’s kid to sing ‘Ilaya nila’. Epdi irundha lara ipdi aayita, sigh. For his fair share, he has fight scenes to his credit him as well. Droplet freezing in camera, sharp techno music to the BG,emotion freeflowing like river Jiiva displays some weightu acting skills. The patience and perseverence of Jiiva seeking justice is similar to how people try to book in IRCTC in all vain.

It goes without saying Vikram is one of the finest actors in tamil industry. But his skills were restricted to 1. drunk talks, and 2. drunk talks. Scenes comprising his portions were so dragging that one can apply for car license in the mean while and he wouldn’t miss a thing.

Jiiva 2 – 2 Vikram

Ultimate showdown when two gets to meet. Am going to let u see the most abathamana scene and decide who wins it.

Theme of David track is really impressive. Fits well for a mashup video of the track with the Al pacino’s speech on ‘Any Given Sunday’

Other characters –

Nasser – Guy who is fond of idly and jesus
Jiiva’s first sister – Smokes dhummu and doesn’t want to get married ever.
Jiiva’s second sister – Out of portion
Peter(Vikram’s friend) – Knows about all the machams of a local rowdy’s sister
Isha sharvani (Roma) – Smiling lyk anything.
Tabu – Masseuse, shrink , philanthropist and iron woman.
Saurabh shukla (Vikram’s dad) – Missed his ear buds badly
Rohini Hattangadi (Malati tai) – Can’t think of any character suiting other than kamal’s mom in Vasoolraja MBBS

So, David was slow to the extent that you can name the movie ‘Dravid’

With all respect to ‘The Wall’


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