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Gods must be crazy

We go to temples. We wish for miracles to happen. We pray for good fortunes. We make countless irrational applications. Desires are at times mistaken for devotion. The petitions usually exceed the offerings. Often the mind boggles whether the supreme beings have some respite.

What if they take a break?


It is THE day, finally. The day that immortals in the seven upper worlds have been waiting for 1000 millennia, the day when demigods trigger their ‘out of office’ draft, the day when Vaikunta goes on a vacation, is finally here.

Today – No one dies. No one will be born. No one has powers (No one wants powers). Nothing happens in gods’ favorite planet, the Earth.

However, extraordinary moments happen in the spiritual plane.


With its transcendent celestial gardens and alluring fragrance, Svargaloka is a feast for the multitude of senses. The breeze flowing is pleasant and therapeutic. The fairyland has a new god visitor, who looks more heavenly than the place itself.

“So, what are you going to do on the 14th of February?” teased the Lord of Heaven, dismounting the dazzling Airavata.

“What day of the week is it?” inquired Hanuman, as brisk and brawny as ever.

Sunday it is!!” exclaimed Lord Indra.

“Shoulders. I am going to do shoulders on that day” sarcastically commented Bajrang Bali, being a fitness buff.

Since the day he threw Vajra on Hanuman until today, had Lord Indra earned money for every time he attempted to taunt the mighty Hanuman, he would have been in a position to play Monopoly with Kubera.

Every god had their own way of celebrating this holyday. For the millennial holyday (everything is holy beyond the skies okay?!), Hanuman had decided to visit svargaloka, to interact with humans, to enrich his already supreme intellect.

The cosmic souls such as Gods, Demi-gods, Sages, even Rakshasas & Asuras were aware of the physical supremacy and cognitive flair of Hanuman. But none of them had the faintest idea about his whimsical sense of humor. After checking the svargaloka register, Hanuman chose to meet a soul who made it there due to his ability of making people laugh despite his miseries, his job description in Naukri stated ‘stand up comic’. His selfless and modest nature appeased the almighty a lot, offering him the meet of millennium. The appointment was scheduled post breakfast, which was served after prayers, which was post yoga/meditation session, which happens post suryanamaskara. The only thing that bothered the human soul about heaven was coffee being served post breakfast.

When the guy was informed about the meet, his first expression was anxiety coupled with glee. He had a lot of thoughts to be clarified about, but he felt more determined to make the almighty smile as he knew Hanuman only as a serious god. But only after the meet it made sense for the lucky mortal that his good deeds and virtues didn’t only give him a peaceful after-life but also reveal a spectacle, which was worth the delayed morning coffee.

Hanuman entered the hall in mufti, without mace and crown as it was his day off, and greeted the guy.

“Am Hanuman” he introduced himself in a bold voice with a delicate smile.

“am human” the guy humbly paused, anticipating an amused reaction.

“And yet you wonder why people didn’t laugh at your first open mic display” Hanuman clarified guy’s first question that he was about to ask in some time.

Hanuman was gradually sliding into nostalgia, discussing impish incidents of his life. It was decided nothing serious would be conversed about. Talking about food, Hanuman confessed how unfair that the Mango season happens only for few months in a year and that the fruit is the best thing ever, despite causing complications for him and Lord KarthikeyaHanuman continues to explain how Narada is the celestial equivalent of an Indian aunt, who also holds a master’s degree in Journalism. Extremely delighted with the discussion, the guy was thanking his stars and fortunes, for revealing something any entity has ever known. As they were about to wrap up the miraculous session, the guy asked the final question to which the Lord affirmed ‘Being single is underrated’.

Meanwhile NandiGaruda and Hamsa gather at Mt. Kailash for the millennial Vahana review meet.




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