Mankatha – Ullae Veliyae

04 Sep

Mankatha da ! A fitting fifty.


To call it over hyped or highly amusing, i decided to watch this GAME after few statuses  say,


Vijay fan updates ” Oh shit. 150 rs waste ah pochu”

Ajith fan updates  ” Thala rockzz. Mankatha da “


Avangalae saendhutanga. Thirundhunga da .

Nevertheless,this is about what would have been my bunch of Facebook statuses or tweets.

  With NO particular order,


 1. If the character Vinayak is so devilish and he kills everybody ruthlessly, cheating Sanjana,greedy about “MONEY MONEY MONEY” ,a total badass why not kill ACP Prithvi and enjoy the whole 500 Crores . I hope the tagline was Strictly No RULES , right ?

 2. Agitating morals –
The two kings which are dominating in the movie, not the king maker or arjun king, but rather Smoking and Drinking.  So what VP wants to say is get wasted and confess ‘ Inimae kudikavae kudadhu da’ gives you the pardon.

 3. The VP trademark white ladies in all songs  and urban language.The cussing with the censor beeps makes us ponder on it ,the more. Oh, what Vinayak swears when Sona (Lakshmi Rai) dies, great job with script VP.

 4. Premji Amaren (on the whole) redefines ‘Annan udayan, Padathuku Anjaan’. With his cliche Enna vazhkai da adhu, Endhiran spoof & his regular shit extends his humor  element with few SMS forward jokes. And his Character, a Gold medallist from IIT.  ADAPAAVIGALA !  A hacking IIT genius who gets into the security systems with JUST IP addresses. Whatta man.

 5. Screenplay

Ajith’s character deserves a better screenplay IMO.Even if Ajith Kumar potrayed a negative role in Billa, it wasn’t challenging as in Mankatha. And i shall wait for his original full length screen play.

6.Copied tracks and the Violin Bit choreography in the action sequence lacked the touch, it was better in aaranya kaandam. ‘Machi open the bottle ‘ and ‘Saroja Saamaan nikalo’ comparison doesn’t differ much from ‘Vilayadu- Sakthi Masala- Mankatha’.

 7. Logic

For example ,a sedan car making a SUV roll over in the money van chase. Okay, I don’t want to get into much of engineering. I don’t know which Tamil pretty girl loves a suspeneded fat grey haired 40 year old cop, within three months. And was that 500 crore rupees or 500 crore
US dollars ?! JustAsking.

People might as well as say ‘Adhu laam edhirpaakadheenga da’.


 With YES particular order.

5. Arjun – With his martial style kicks, the pistol treat, sinewy looks and ‘blowing his hair’ trademark is cult style. Though his character isn’t of much power, action king does justice for prithvi.

4. Chosen scenes like Vijay’s kaavalan running in the theatre, the solo chess scene  ,when Ajith says ‘May masam vandha  40’ while Sanjana pinches his hand,chennai superkings ku whistle podu were very impressive . Also, VP makes you guess all around the story when you think it’s going to be something which is actually doesn’t happen. Twist in the tale.

3. The Hair Do and the Aviator Rayban

George clooney is no thala , nor vinayak is no Daniel ocean. But the Salt and pepper grey look was astounding.I doubt if 40+ aged wives would want their husbands to dye their hair after watchin ajith. It was the best with the grey and black striped party wear shirt . Oh, I am gonna buy one.

2. Theme Music

When the INOX speakers go ‘ HOOO HOOO HOOO HOOO ‘ with the Background score for the theme music to begin, you would want to keep your fingers in your mouth and whistle hard. When it comes to theme music, yuvan is the best in the business. It is tedious to cope with noir genre tracks with mass appeal.If the violin bit was well directed the overall output would have been sheer brilliance.










1. Ajith Kumar a.k.a Vinayak

 BRAVO. The side of ajith you’d have never seen. He makes the devilish character so delicious. If you think Varalaru,Villain,Billa potrayed negative lead character essence , then this ought to be legendary. I am losing count of people whose favorite dialogue is ‘Money,money,money,money Muah’.That can’t be more awesome with any other voice or charisma. And when he does the evil laugh, it amazes . The final part where arjun shares the laugh, he doesn’t stand a chance with Ajith. The car drifts, Honda CBR wheeling, the stunt scenes which gets better in every movie. The style for a bad ass character is duly delivered. The Golden movie with golden memories for the great man.

God damn right it’s his Fucking Game.

P.S – I wonder if VP can direct a movie without Yuvan,guns, bikinis,his cricket gang troop,his family ?!


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5 responses to “Mankatha – Ullae Veliyae

  1. harini

    September 4, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Thala Mass Review Abt Thala \m/

    • Savitha Bhaskaran

      September 4, 2011 at 10:12 pm

      semma review da machi:) rocking!! nd i agree wid harini.. thala reviewin thala 😀

      • Sudharshan

        September 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm

        Thank you 🙂

  2. Nitz Krish Iyer

    September 5, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    Semma da..genuine review..but i smell some similarity wth blogeswari’s review like “annan udayan padaiku anjaan”! Its ok! tat s wat everyone felt!

    And VP cant write even a story line without his gang of boys in mind! 😛

    • Sudharshan

      September 10, 2011 at 3:55 pm

      Thanks . Actually even i was surprised to notice that i was in par blogeshwari’s post :P. That was not a tough task to change padai to padam 😛


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