You are Hilarious !

06 Jan

Replacing Google as the Most Popular Website, Facebook is winning hearts and ruining lives !

If you think you are Passive,Jobless and wasting time 24/7 .. well Log In to FB .. You are Just One among the Million .
I definitely don’t own an exception and Iam a victim of FAD(Facebook addiction disorder) too.
I happen to observe weird things instead of  the Usual-Log in..Log Out..Log In..Log Out.

There are few things you can’t stop noticing which are puerile,Daffy and ludicrous .
If you reckon its just  the stuff, well what do you think about the person who claims it ?!
Oh yeah ! You are Hilarious , dude ( In a less offense sarcastic slang )
Here goes my top seven Insights about the most Imbecile things in FB.

7. Impotent LOL’s ! 😉

We all thought LOL was Laughing Out Loud  until its recent usage in conversations.
Futile LOL and ROFL slang’s are bombarded out of no where. The value of the creations ( well, they claim so) is totally lost.

User 1 : I bought a new Rolex and its glowing at night.
Dumbass 1 : Lol .. Seriously ?
Dumbass 2 : You could have rather bought a Tube light , Rofl.

Too liberal with the slang.
Rofl for that.. Seriously ??!! You’re Hilarious . 😛

6.Dumb Applications

FB doesn’t have any potential applications which will help you to cultivate any knowledge. 😉

There was an article which stated that the “FARMVILLE’ made the difference and helped Facebook beat orkut.True that. Orkut is no more.
Well apart from there are few annoying and retarded app’s !
Few mind-blowing applications :

Profile analyzer  : All you need is a cool Picture and it will rate you 170% sexy and Handsome.Well, I thought Percentage means on a scale of 100.
What your name mean : Its better to dip a cookie in a cold water and have it rather than using this
Are you Happy ? : Random generated shit which will say ” YOU ARE 99% Happy ” when your ass is on fire
What will my baby look like? :  NO comments 😛 Haha ! You’re Hilarious

5. Annoying ‘Birthday Tags ‘ 😛

I know when was I born and It’s right there displayed on Facebook profile too .
You tag me in a random calendar Photo which will be totally neglected right from the time of being tagged.
And the funny thing,you get tagged a day before your birthday and still your ‘PAL’ draw a blank about your day.
All you left is with nauseating notifications. Bravo , Hilarious  ! 😛

4. Tagging Yourselves in the Album

Mr Facebooker : *Checks time* . Everybody is online ? aren’t they ?!  Why isn’t anybody talking or commenting ?
*Tags himself on his album*
#After a short while.. Say 9 secs #

Mr.Facebooker has been tagged in his album

I know who you are ! Updates about tagging yourself  on my home page is not worthy enough to drive my attention .
Not clear with the motive , Still You’re Hilarious .

3.Links (Technically Spams)which will promote  Revolving images and free Recharge . A genius revolution. 😉

Yeah right !  Facebook is a fantasy world with broomsticks, wands and  gay vampires . 😉
The photos aren’t not  planets to keep on revolving around the profile, showering asteroids and other junks.
You already look funny the way it is ! Don revolve them and make you look ‘Handsome’ . Duh.
And , I always wonder how you can recharge your mobile without any providing number .
click… and BHAMMM !! You will get recharged 500$ in your mobile !  Totally Hilarious .
If Life was that easier ! Grow up !

2.Glorious statuses and Over-share of Life

No one gives a shit about your ailments. You sound like a wet rag that can’t handle life.
“I hate my life totally and i wish i got that teddy bear for new year ” . What the ?!  What will you update if your doc says you are Infertile ?.
“No body cares for me , my life is screwed ” . Oh well, if its screwed make sure the taper angle and tension is proper so that the screw doesn’t come off. Now STFU.

“Facebook asked what’s on my mind and nothing is actually ” . wow, Hilarious .
Its genuinely that there nothing on your head, they call it brain , and not that mind you are missing.

And ……………………………………………………………..
The pathetic of the  lamest 😛

1. Liking the own statuses & the latest .. Comments !

If You are possesing an xbox 360 , its obvious you admire it. You dont have to gay it up everywhere.
Coz, You said that just now. You are certainly going to like what ever you say , dumbass.
Updating a random status crap and liking it is the best way to prove you are not smarter than a 5th grade. KUDOS .

Fag :
Its raining. I totally love it.
2 mins ago           .. Fag & 2 others likes this

No wonder Tsunami was bearable.

And the latest innovation from Facebook promotes the genius dim-witted , Liking comments. The technology was to like others’ comments.

A :
1+1 = 2 ? Really ?

27852 mins ago . A likes this.
B:  Lol
___ B likes this________
A: I din’t know
____A likes this_______

FB : No one likes  you

In near future you can start liking your own likes .

Haha. You’re …’Whats-the-word” .

You always have two options. Humor and Sarcasm. I am not good at Humor .

– eL yeS

P.S – No offence. 😛 You know what i mean ! 😉


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6 responses to “You are Hilarious !

  1. Harini Srh

    January 6, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    ” Oh well, if its screwed make sure the taper angle and tension is proper so that the screw doesn’t come off ”

    Proving U r mechie 😀 am lubbing it 🙂

  2. Aparajitha ajagopalan

    January 6, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Totally Awesome !!! I love the command over the language !!! Bravo \m/

  3. Shruti

    June 29, 2012 at 4:13 pm



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